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River trips in Grand Canyon range from 3 - 18 days with many options in between. Each outfitter offers something a little different.  You have many decisions to make to determine which type of trip and which outfitter is right for you.  To make your selection, you might want to consider questions like:

1.  WHAT TYPE OF RAFT DO YOU WANT?  Do you want to do a trip on a large motorize raft (generally seating between 12 - 18 people with one or two guides), or do you prefer a much smaller oar powered row boat, wooden dorey, or paddle boat (generally seating between 4 - 6 people with one guide)?  Some outfitters offer only oar powered trips.  They are listed in YELLOW.   Some outfitters offer both oar and motorized trips and they are listed in GREEN.  One outfitter offers only motorized trips and is listed in BLUE.

​2.  WHEN DO YOU WANT TO GO?  The commercial rafting season at Grand Canyon operates each year from April through October.  Oar powered trips operate the entire season, and motorized trips launch only between April 1st through September 15th. Weather conditions and temperatures vary and should also be considered.  Seats are limited and fill rather quickly and it is not uncommon for trips to be sold out a year in advance.  

​3.  HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU HAVE?  The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long.  All trips launch at Lees Ferry, but you have the option of starting or ending your trip at one of four different locations.  

  • You can choose to JOIN the trip from the beginning at Lees Ferry and do a "FULL CANYON TRIP" which ends at Pearce Ferry (river mile 280 at Lake Mead).  This takes an average of  7 - 8 days on a motorized raft or between 12 - 18 days on a oar powered raft.  This is ideal if you have the time want to experience it all!
  • You can choose to do an "UPPER CANYON TRIP" which also begins at Lees Ferry and ends at Phantom Ranch (river mile 89), but you must then take a large mandatory hike OUT the Canyon to the South Rim.  The hike is a difficult 9 miles on the Bright Angle Trail.  This trip takes an average of 3 - 4 days on a motorized raft or between 6 - 8 days on an oar powered raft.  The hike out is considered extremely difficult for most visitors.  This is one of the shortest options offered.  
  • You can choose to do a "LOWER CANYON TRIP" which will begin with the same 9 mile hike on the Bright Angel Trail from the South Rim IN to Grand Canyon and joins the river trip at Phantom Ranch (river mile 89).  Depending on the outfitter, the trip can end at Whitmore Wash (river mile 189) where you can helicopter out, or Diamond Creek (river mile 225 at the Haulapai Indian Reservation) where you are driven out on Diamond Creek Road, or a Pearce Ferry (river mile 280 at Lake Mead).  Depending on where you take out, this trip can take between 4 - 6 days on a motorized raft or between 6 - 12 days on an oar powered raft.  
  • A few of outfitters offer trips that begin with the helicopter flight IN to Whitmore Wash (river mile 189) to do the very lower end to Pearce Ferry.  These trips average between 3 - 6 days.  

4.  SPECIALTY TRIPS - Many outfitters offer certain specialty trips throughout the season.  Some are focused on extensive hiking excursions along the way.  Others might offer trips focused on geology, archeology, art, music, or even photography.  Be sure to ask your Outfitter if they offer anything specialty trips that might be a perfect fit for you!

5.  CHARTER TRIPS - Every outfitter would be happy to accommodate your large group with a special charter!  You can then determine the date, trip type, duration, etc.  Ask your outfitter for details.  

NOW YOU ARE READY TO CONTACT AN OUTFITTER!  You can visit each outfitter's website by following the links listed here on this page.  They are all happy to answer further questions and explained in much more detail what they offer and help you select your river trip.  


National Park Service

All companies listed on this website are officially licensed and authorized concessioners of the National Park Service to provide multi-day whitewater rafting trips within the Grand Canyon National Park.