One-day Float Trips in Glen Canyon

WE DO NOT OFFER ONE OR TWO DAY RIVER TRIPS IN GRAND CANYON.  We only offer long, multi-day river trips in Grand Canyon National Park.  BUT - if your time is limited and you are seeking a half-day or one-day rafting experience on your vacation in Northern Arizona, please consider a wonderful smoothwater float trip on the Colorado River in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  Click here for more information about Colorado River Discovery.  

National Park Service

All companies listed on this website are the only officially licensed and authorized concessioners of the National Park Service to provide multi-day whitewater rafting trips within the Grand Canyon National Park.

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Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association

The Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association (GCROA) is a non-profit trade group made up of  the sixteen official professional river outfitters which are contracted with, and authorized by, the National Park Service to provide the YOU with multi-day whitewater river trips within the Grand Canyon National Park.  Each outfitter is unique and has decades of operational experience, and they are anxious to share this experience of a lifetime with YOU!  So select an outfitter, select a river trip, and GO!

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Grand canyon 

Multi-day River Trips in Grand Canyon

Whitewater river trips in Grand Canyon are long!  They range from 3 - 18 days with only a few different options in between.  The sixteen officially licensed river outfitters in Grand Canyon National Park DO NOT provide one or two day whitewater river trips! And the commercial rafting season is only offered from April through October each year.  Each outfitter offers something a little different that sets them apart.  You have a few decisions to make to determine which outfitter and which type of trip is right for YOU.  Click here for suggestions about how to select an outfitter and trip type for your future Grand Canyon river trip!    

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